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About Us

It all started with a Camisole

SNUG’s women’s apparel collection of seamless layering pieces started with the creation of a simple camisole in 2008 by two sisters looking to fill a void in their contemporary clothing boutique. The co-owners of Metro Detroit, Michigan’s, This Is Me boutique, noticed that changing trends in fashion left women exposed - flashing bra straps or underwear accidentally.

They looked for options for their customers, but quickly grew frustrated with the camisoles that were available to sell in their store. They were too long, too short, offered in minimal color options, were ribbed and uncomfortable instead of seamless, didn’t stay in place or would not hold their shape. They wanted to offer a product with unprecedented comfort, quality and versatility. And so they set out to make one.

And apparently it was THE ONE - becoming the hottest selling item in their shop.
They left the boutique behind and put all their energy into launching the SNUG cami nationwide. Soft, comfortable, flattering and affordable, it became instantly popular. This led to further development, testing and prototypes for other layering pieces like t-shirts, tanks, slips, tops, leggings, bandeaus, bralettes, racerback tanks and more.

Still headquartered in the Midwest, SNUG is proud to only design and carry clothing that is ALL and only Made in the USA. Currently sold at over 350 retailers across the country, including department stores, Lingerie boutiques, Ready-To-Wear boutiques, Beauty salons, Fitness and Active wear entities alike yoga and pilates studios, Maternity boutiques, Plus-Size Boutiques, Gift shops, On-line shops, and more, women across America are falling in love with their SNUG’s!